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What is difference between eBusiness and eCommerce?


E-Commerce covers only the outward facing operations i.e. online buying and selling of goods and services that include order receiving, dealing, delivering and paying.

It is an interactive commercial transaction where a buyer can communicate with the seller and vice versa without having to personally meet.


E-Business focuses on the business as a whole and is not restricted to commercial transactions. It involves streamlined and automated construction and maintenance of business processes across production, development, corporate infrastructure and product management.

With internal and external connectivity through the internet or intranet or extranet, an e-business strategy aims at reducing operating costs to increase productivity and improve the bottom line.

Where Does eBusiness Automation Work Best?


In any organization, there are hundreds if not thousands of small tasks that take between two and five minutes to execute. Individually, they never appear to be a significant time-waster. Together, however, they devour productivity and stunt growth. Automation simplifies these tasks, drives efficiency, and allows you to experiment.

Driving new growth with automated technology, that drives growth through the opportunity to sell new services, new supplies, and new value to those clients.

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Ready for more customers to connect with your business online?

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